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Find my cycling route

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Prepare your trip

A successful trip should be well prepared. Don’t get caught out - follow these simple steps.

Some advice to ensure your journey is a success

  • Take your preparation seriously : either on the Internet or by using a guidebook, you can research the distance, type of lanes/roads you will be following, the gradients and available services on the way.
  • Have a “plan B” ready… just in case : consider the train, amongst other options
  • Take protective clothing in case it rains: if possible, choose garments made from breathable fabrics designed for cyclists
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended but think about colder weather too. Gloves, cycling shoes and leggings are advisable for longer routes
  • Wear bright, reflective clothing : ideal for making yourself visible towards the end of the day
  • Take drinks, dried fruit and energy bars : this will help you keep your energy levels up
  • Don’t overestimate your abilities… or those of your children
  • Warm up your muscles : Some stretches can help hold off fatigue
  • Start with short stages
  • Helmets are recommended

Where can I find more information about accommodation along the routes ?


The various possibilities for accommodation can be found on the stage map for the section you are interested in. These include campsites, guest houses, and hotels. You can select the type of accommodation you are interested in by clicking on the relevant icon on the map.


Which is the best way round to do the Tour de Manche ?

The most experienced cyclists recommend cycling from west to east: there’s more chance of having the wind at your back!


Bicycle and road safety

If the bicycle is a synonym for freedom, it is also, however, vital to respect some essential rules.

Respect the Code de la Route (the French ‘Highway Code’), which is compulsory for cyclists to follow.  In the event of a serious infringement, you would be liable to pay a fine!
Here are some of our other tips :

Don’t ride side by side and do keep to the right in France, to the left in the UK

  • Always remain vigilant on roads, particularly at junctions and on bridges
  • On greenways, give priority to pedestrians and always signal
  • Be considerate and friendly to other lane users
  • At night, wear bright clothing and use effective lights
  • Wear a correctly fitting helmet.